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Patient Update - January 2021


New Year, New Napier!

The Doctors Napier, 30 Munroe Street is undergoing a facelift. While it may look like we are under construction, we are OPEN for business!

Our Vautier Street side of the clinic is still closed due to flood damage, but repairs should hopefully be finished in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for up to date info.

New Hours in Napier

The Doctors Napier, 30 Munroe Street has extended it’s hours to 8am-8pm Weekdays and 8am-6pm on weekends and public holiday’s.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The change of hours DOES NOT mean we are reverting back to being a walk in clinic. We advise that you call head ahead to be given an appointment time. If you are needing urgent medical care, one of our health professionals will assess you, where you will be triaged and booked accordingly. This process is to reduce the once lengthy waits we had on our walk in clinic.

Please note: our Greenmeadows clinic is also by appointment only. If you are a regular patient of our Greenmeadows Clinic and you need accident or urgent medical care, you may be diverted to our Urgent Care in our Napier Centre. Unfortunately, we currently do not have the capacity to run 2 Urgent Care clinics across our centre's, so have dedicated our managed urgent care to our Napier Clinic

New Location – Coming May ‘21

Exciting developments are happening within The Doctors Napier Ltd.

We are excited to announce the soon arrival of our New Clinic - The Doctors Ahuriri – Coming May!

Our Westshore location will be moving in to the new Ahuriri premise on Ossian Street. Once building is complete our Westshore patients will be notified when the move goes ahead.

New Faces

The beginning of the Government’s injection of funding into Mental Health services is now underway, with the addition of mental health staff to our team.

We now have a Health Improvement Practitioner - Haylee (to assist with those suffering stress & mental distress) a Health Coach - Kylee (to assist with those needing support with all conditions).

Additionally, we have employed Donna, a qualified Counsellor. Donna is available for both funded and private consultations.

We would also like to introduce our newest doctor to the team. Dr Tarun Ahuja who has a wealth of experience from his time working at the DHB. He joins our Napier team.

We have a number of new doctors on their way to join our Napier & Greenmeadows teams, in early 2021.

Smoking will take your breath away

There comes a time in most smokers’ lives when they have had enough, and they want to quit.

They know the health risks, they know it costs a fortune and they know they just shouldn’t, but the nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive.

Quitting smoking is hard.

To break such an addictive habit, you need a plan and a back-up team.

Every region has a free service to help you ditch smoking, where the friendly support people can massively improve your chances of quitting for good.

Book to see our qualified nurses, they can give you free lozenges, gum or patches to help beat nicotine cravings and they stay in contact to check on your progress.

You may need to identify what triggers your smoking and avoid those activities, places or people.

Then recognise the rewards you get by not smoking, for example improved fitness to hang out with family and friends.

Quitting smoking at any age is beneficial and not only increases life expectancy; but improves quality of life too.

Every moment a person goes without smoking, their health improves and they feel immediate benefits as their body begins to heal.

Second-hand smoke affects the health of tamariki and wider whānau, with children of smokers being more prone to asthma, colds, coughs and ear infections.

The best way to be smoke-free is to never start but children surrounded by smokers are seven times more likely to pick up the habit.

Setting a good example is vital for our next generations’ well-being.

And, if you puff a pack a day, when you stop smoking you get an extra $10,000 a year to do something awesome.

Quitting smoking is tough, but we know that doing it with our support helps.

For more information about stubbing out the smokes for good, contact us.

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