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Patient Update - March 2021

Urgent Care Services

Our Urgent Care Services have changed a little, but we are still available to provide you with your urgent care needs.

The Doctors Napier is our dedicated Urgent Care Provider for all four of our clinics. If you have an urgent care need, you are strongly encouraged to call us first. In the past we have provided a “walk-in” clinic, however, we have now made the move to a booked urgent care service. When you call our clinic, you will be triaged by our practice paramedic or one of our other healthcare professionals. They will give you a time to come in to be seen by our urgent care team. This will prioritise you according to your clinical need and reduce your wait time in the clinic considerably. Please be aware however, as with any urgent care service, we work from a triage scale, which means at times, our team will be delayed due to dealing with emergencies.

If you do walk into our clinic without an appointment, please be aware that you will be triaged by our triage team and you may be asked to come back or rebooked for a later date depending on the urgency of your matter.

Our urgent care services are for, but not limited to:

  • Any new or worsening injury

  • Shortness of breath

  • Chest Pain

  • Persistent Vomiting

  • Mental Distress

  • Allergic Reaction

  • Acutely unwell (e.g. high fever, dehydration etc)

Our Greenmeadows, Westshore & EIT clinics are all booked service clinics, if you do walk in without an appointment you will be triaged to assess your needs and asked to do one of the following:

  • Present to our Napier Urgent Care service at a specified time.

  • Rebooked with your own GP or one of our nursing clinics.

  • In a medical emergency we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

2021 Flu Vaccination Season Is Almost Here!

The Flu Vaccination programme is due to start in mid-April. We will advertise the exact date of when they are due to arrive in the clinic.

Please be aware the Flu vaccine and any Covid vaccine will need to be at least 1 month apart.

We anticipate for most of our Flu Vaccine season to be over before eligibility for the Covid Vaccine begins. If there is an overlap in the two, the Covid Vaccine will take precedence.

You can keep up to date with our 2021 Flu Vaccine Season by viewing our Service page of our website:

For more information and updates please go to:

Alert Level Information

No matter the alert level we are currently in, we are here to care for you!

You can keep up to date with what the alert levels will look like for your visit to the clinic by checking out our website

Jumping between alert levels means we may need to adjust our processes to accommodate the different levels. Please expect slight changes depending on the current alert level when making your appointment. We will advise you of any major changes at the time you make contact, as well as keeping our website and Facebook page up to date.

Vaccinate on time to protect your whānau and community

You may have some questions about your child’s vaccination programme and it’s important you discuss these with your doctor because vaccines are an important way to protect their health.

There are a series of free vaccinations timed for different life stages and the National Immunisation Schedule tells you when your child needs to have each vaccination and what it is for.

Missing or delaying a vaccination can put everyone’s health at risk and we recommend children are vaccinated on time.

Your medical practice will send you a reminder to bring your child in for the vaccination and the doctor or nurse will explain the vaccination process to you and answer your questions.

Vaccinations are generally given as injections in the arm or leg, although the rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix, is a liquid that is dropped into your baby’s mouth and swallowed.

If your baby has a minor illness without fever, such as a cold, they should still have their vaccinations as normal.

However, if your baby is ill with a fever, delay the vaccination until they have recovered.

After the vaccination, you and your child will be asked to remain at the medical centre for 30 minutes so your child can be monitored.

It’s common for most children to be a little unsettled for a couple of days after their vaccinations and they may be more restless or sleepier than usual.

As with all medicines, there may be side effects but they are usually mild and can include redness, swelling and tenderness at the injection site, fever and mild diarrhoea.

Contact us to make an appointment, or to get more information about vaccines, call the Immunisation Advisory Centre on freephone 0800 466 863.

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