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Patient Update - October 2020

A Breast Health Check could save your Life!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women in New Zealand and the risk increases as women get older.

For this reason, every Kiwi woman between the ages of 45-69 with no symptoms of breast cancer can have a free mammogram every two years with BreastScreen Aotearoa (BSA).

It is vital women attend breast screening appointments. Although screening does not prevent cancer developing, there is a good chance of recovery if it is detected in its early stages.

If you do have breast symptoms that you are worried about, don’t wait until your next mammogram appointment.

Talk to your doctor or nurse about registering for BSA mammograms and for more information go to

What can I do to check my breasts?

Some breast cancers develop during the time between screening mammograms, so it is important that you are breast aware. If you notice any breast symptoms (changes that are not normal for you), see your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms could include:

  • a new lump or thickening

  • a change in breast shape or size

  • pain in the breast that is unusual

  • puckering or dimpling of the skin

  • any change in one nipple, such as a turned-in nipple or a discharge that occurs without squeezing

  • a rash or reddening of the skin that appears only on the breast.

ManageMyHealth Bookings

PLEASE NOTE: MMH bookings for ’in-person’ consultations are still turned off.

However, we have opened up MMH PHONE CONSULTATION BOOKINGS. When booking these appointments you will see the phone icon next to the booking to indicate that this is a phone consultation. You will also receive a confirmation email letting you know how the phone consultation works.

Phone consultations do incur a charge. These are at a slightly reduced fee to that of an in-person visit (for non-community service card holders)

Phone Consultations

More and more patients are enjoying the convenience of being able to have consultations over the phone.

Where possible, we will offer you the opportunity for a phone consultation, if your healthcare professional feels it is necessary to see you in person, they will book you accordingly.

The Five ways to Wellbeing

Building these five actions into day to day life is important for the wellbeing of individuals, families, communities & organisations.

Give, Tukua – Your time, your words, your presence

Take Notice, me aro tonu – Remember the simple things that give you joy

Be Active, me kori tonu – Do what you can. Enjoy what you do. Move your mood.

Connect, me Whakawhanaunga– Talk & Listen. Be there. Feel Connected

Keep Learning me ako tonu – Embrace new experiences. See opportunities. Surprise yourself.

You can introduce any of these actions into your life, any time, and you will begin to feel the benefits. Whakatōkia ngā rautaki māmā nei ki tō ao kia rongo ai koe i ngā painga.

More information can be found at:

Covid-19 Testing

Testing continues to help us eliminate COVID-19 in New Zealand

If you’re offered a test for COVID-19, it is highly recommended that you take the test. It will help us make sure we do not have community transmission, and help keep your friends, family and whānau safe. A COVID-19 test is free of charge.

If you have any cold or flu symptoms, and wish to be tested, please phone us on 06 650 4000 to speak to our CBAC team to organise testing.

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