Managing your Test Results

If your GP has requested some tests because of clinical concern. Please ensure you have your tests as soon as possible to ensure minimal delays and possible risk to your health. For Scans or x-rays please inform you Doctor if you have private medical insurance so your doctor refers you to the correct provider.


  • Test results may take 1-2 working days to return to us.

  • Some specialised tests can take up to 3 weeks for results to be available

Once we have received the results your doctor will review them and:

  • If the test results require further action/investigation you will be notified by your healthcare professional by phone or a letter to your home address. Please be aware that the Doctor will direct the time frame in which you need to be seen, if you need to be seen urgently then we will find an appointment for you to meet that time frame. If it is not urgent, at times you may have to wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment.

  • You may phone or make an appointment to discuss your results with our nurses, please be aware however that while the nurses may be able to give you some of your results prior to them being reviewed by the Doctor, they may not be able to discuss all of them with you. Please do not be offended if they cannot give you results or advise you to see your Doctor to discuss results. Nurses can give results of cervical smear tests taken by them.

  • Very occasionally we are unable to contact patients regarding abnormal tests so we recommend that if you have not heard from us within 3 weeks you phone the clinic on 8354696 (Napier) 8446 277 (Greenmeadows), 8355661 (Westshore) or 8301919 (EIT Health Centre).

  • If you wish to know your results sooner, then please feel free to call us after 7 days.

  • The Doctors Napier, Greenmeadows, Westshore and EIT Health Centre have test results available via the portal, Manage My Health, your result will be uploaded once reviewed by your doctor. If you wish to have access to Manage My Health, please speak with our reception team. Manage My Health can be accessed via the Manage My Health website or smartphone application.


Public or Private referral

If you require referral to a specialist service for ongoing care as a result of your test you will be referred to the hospital services or if you have medical insurance or would prefer to pay for Specialist review, to a private Specialist. Please discuss this with your Doctor.