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Video Consults

If you have a pre-arranged booked appointment for a Video Consult please follow the instructions below:

To book a Video consultation with one of our clinicians, you first must speak to them to arrange a date & time. 

If you have a booked appointment, the clinician will advise you which "Room" to enter.  Please select the correct room below and enter your full name. The clinician will meet you there at your arranged time. 

The fee for your video consultation will be the same as if you were visiting our medical centre in person. See our fees for a list of our consultation charges.

The Doctors Napier Ltd uses Doxy.Me for video consulting.  Doxy.Me is a private and secure telehealth platform.  All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and none of you information is stored. Doxy.Me adheres to HIPAA, PIPEDA and GDPR data privacy requirements.

Preparing for your video consult:

Tips for making your video consultation work best for you.

  1. Write down what you want to discuss and have a pen and paper available in case you need to write anything down.

  2. Consider your privacy - choose somewhere private where you can talk freely and safely.  If others are present, let your health practitioner know, you can also use the chat function.

  3. Hands-free devices offer a better call experience.  If you are using a smartphone or tablet, find a way to prop it so you can move around freely. 

  4. Make sure there is no one else streaming information while you are having your consult (if someone is watching a video on the WiFi network you are using, your video quality may be poor)

  5. Check in to your online waiting room 5-10 minutes before your appointment time, check in and test your audio and video.  Your health practitioner will start the call when they are ready.

  6. Check you are clear about instructions for medication, work certificates, blood or other tests, self-care advice at home, and warning signs if you need to seek further care. 

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