Primary Care Paramedic


Are you wanting to give up working shift work?  


We have the perfect opportunity for you to use your skills in an in-practice setting.

Primary Care is in a period of unprecedented change. Practices and GXH are coming together, to deliver bespoke care for patients all set within the rapidly changing care and social care environments in which they are set. Multidisciplinary teams are at the core of this revolution, drawing on the wider skill sets, these teams can offer, and enabling new and exciting models of care to develop.

Paramedics in primary care teams brings a fresh approach to care management and same day urgent care, as well as decreasing GP workload by assessing and treating, non-complex patients. 

About the Role:

The Paramedic works in collaboration with other members of the multidisciplinary team to provide care management and same day urgent care. They work with patients across the age range who have either undifferentiated or undiagnosed condition relating to minor illness or minor injury as well as the frail elderly, long term conditions, acute on chronic exacerbations, mental health, and social issues.


Responsibilities include:

  • assess, manage, treat, refer and/or signpost

  • promote self-management

  • provide education

  • promoting self-care

  • empower patients and whānau to make informed choices about their treatment.

Services include:

  • the opportunity for patient home visits

  • same day (urgent/walk in/booked) in person consultations

  • specialist urgent care clinical management including medication administration

  • telephone triage, follow up and consultations for the triage and management of patients with common         illnesses.

  • care coordination

  • sessional work with more complex patients

  • advanced clinical assessment including interpretation and management of blood test /Xray results

As a team, we provide team-based care and work together to provide patients with care which is:

  • Patient centered

  • Coordinated

  • Proactive

  • Planned

Collectively, we work towards greater access to care, continuity of care, convenience of care and guaranteed quality care.

Patient and whānau 

  • “Will this work for Māori?” is a first thought, not an after-thought.

  • Teams work with patients and whānau to plan care

  • “Nothing about me without me”, - shared decision making is the norm, patients are included in multidisciplinary team meetings

  • Be culturally sensitive to patient needs with a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi

The suitable candidate will have:

  • At least 2 years clinical experience within an ambulance service.

  • In-depth experience in clinical practice, ideally in a or a range of health and community service settings

  • A good understanding of developing and maintaining clinical systems.

  • Demonstrated multi-stakeholder management, including health institutions.

If this interests you, please send your CV to eloise.mackay@na.thedoctors.co.nz